Stepping out on a limb

OK, in order to make myself accountable, I am going to step out on a limb. On July 1, I am going to wear this very bikini again. (scroll down past the pic for more)


This picture was taken in 2005.  I thought I was fat.  <smdh> I was at 124.5 at this time. I was also very tanned.  🙂  I wasn’t all that toned, though–my body fat was still a little high. The reason: I hate to exercise. I never get that “runner’s high” that people talk about.  I never get that rush of energy from working out.  I just get tired and grumpy. Plus, since the surgery on my feet, they hurt when I do almost any kinds of activity.

I have been doing fairly well with my weight and my diet.  I will usually make good choices where food is concerned.  Fruit, Greek yogurt, veggies, wheat bread, skim milk, some chicken and turkey breast. Not exactly clean eating, but a good, solid low-fat diet most days. I have managed to keep my weight between 131 and 134 for months.  My body fat is actually probably a tiny bit lower now than it was in this picture.  But I am much less toned now. The effects of gravity and age have conspired against me.

My goal date gives me approximately 7 weeks to get toned.  To lose about 8-10 pounds.  To reduce my body fat–hopefully by at least 4%, although that may be out of my reach. This will require me to work out a lot more and not making excuses.  I can’t promise regular updates, ‘cuz I stink at that, but I promise that I will follow through with posting my picture again in 7 weeks. 


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