It’s what Jesus would do, stupid (Alternate Title: I’m about to get deleted from some Facebook accounts)—Part 1

OK, I’ve been brooding.  Brooding about people who are so hard-hearted and selfish that they don’t care for folks who are less fortunate than they are.  People who work and earn money from jobs that are TAXPAYER-funded—schools, hospitals, social services, fire departments, police stations, etc. but who are so damned self-centered that they don’t think that a kid who is hungry or a sick person who needs health care is as important as they are.  If these people are so righteous, so sure that “big” government is such a bad thing, why do they accept a paycheck from jobs that taxpayers subsidized?  Why not go to work for corporate America?  Why do these people also believe themselves deserving of unemployment, free child care (for those with low income), food stamps, Medicaid, etc.  I have seen so many people rant about these programs but yet complain when they are unable to take advantage of them. Hypocrisy, thy name is the Republican Party.

I’m sick of “religious” types (and I use that term VERY loosely) judging people.  What happened to that whole not judging thing that I’ve heard is in the Bible?  Didn’t Jesus preach about helping the sick and the poor?  Is the Bible more palatable when you take bits and pieces from it to make it fit your own beliefs?  Is it easier to sleep at night when you tell yourself that the homeless family sleeping in their car or under the bridge is there due to some character flaw they possess?  Can you sit down to a big steak dinner at a restaurant when a child is sitting down to a fine dinner of ramen noodles and justify it by blaming his worthless parents? What if I said that a catastrophic illness caused the parents to lose their jobs, their saving and their homes?  Would that matter?

Social welfare programs, like food stamps, are not the devil.  But I see so many posts where people are mad at food stamp recipients.  Yes, a few bad apples are out to soak the system for all it’s worth.  That  leaves a bad taste in your mouth.  But that is statistically a small percentage of individuals.  There are people who legitimately need help.  I was one of them.  I had no job, no car and no money.  I was forced to apply for Medicaid, food stamps and AFDC (now called TANF).  I got a whopping $187 in food stamps and $230 in AFDC.  Luckily for me, I had a mother with a home and I wasn’t forced to go to public housing.  I only received the food stamps and AFDC for about 6 months.  Like I said, lucky.  Being on public assistance, especially living in “the projects,” is a hard circle to break.  Trust me when I say, most folks on public assistance are not living “high on the hog.”  Life is not good. They are only existing, not living.

TBC….(please forgive any grammatical or spelling errors, I’m a little pissed)


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