My shelves!!

As you may know, I fancy myself a good coupon-er.  I have backed off a lot in the last year or so, but I still have a respectable stockpile.  It has been a bit of a mess in my “back closet” where I store extras. For Christmas I asked for one thing: shelves.  Tim wanted to build them, I wanted to buy them.  I had a set of the PVC-type shelving that he insisted on buying a couple of years ago despite my protestations that those were NOT what I wanted or needed.  Now he was insisting, again, that he knew what I needed and I was prepared to be pissed off.

I was wrong. I have my big girl panties pulled up tight enough to admit when I make a mistake.

He did an OUTSTANDING job and I love, love, LOVE my shelves.  Voila!  See my shelves with (most) of my stuff on them:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hey, don’t be hatin’ on my beautiful shelves or on my stockpile (‘cuz that’s not even half of it).


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