Resolutions for 2012

Well, it seems strange to think that it is actually 2012.  As a child, I couldn’t conceive of myself ever getting “old” (as defined by a child, anything over 20 is old, over 30 is ancient, and over 40 must surely mean imminent death). I now look back over 41 years and it seems to alternatively be an eternity and a blink of the eye.

Having put some thought into the new year, I have come up with the following resolutions (in no order of importance, just how they are coming out as I go):

1.  Let go of my overwhelming desire to “lose weight.” So much of my life is consumed with the scale.  It’s on my mind when I get up in the morning (pee, drink a sip of water and weigh).  It’s on my mind as soon as I get home (weigh, then pee and get a sip of water and weigh again).  It’s on my mind before I go to bed (see above).  I always think the same thing no matter what time of day that I weigh, “Maybe it’ll be lower the next time.”  I’m sick of living like this.  It’s asinine.  I know in my logical mind that I don’t need to lose any weight.  I’m at a healthy weight.  True, I’d honestly like to lose another 10 pounds, but do I HAVE to?  No.  My BMI and weight are within the normal range and my body fat, while a bit high, is also on the high end of normal.

What I need to focus on is EXERCISE.  I need to focus on building muscle and fixing my broken metabolism.

2.  Spend more time with Kiersten.  She has grown up on me and become a beautiful young woman–not a little girl any more, but still my baby girl.  I love her more than words can express and I want to maximize the time I have with her.  She’ll be on to the next phase of her life before I know it.

3.  Get back into coupons and rebates.  A couple of years ago, I was really focused on it and really made some money and got a lot of stuff for pennies or free.  I have let it go by the wayside for over a year and it’s time to get motivated and build the stockpile up again.  Also, I want my walls painted red and if I do enough rebates, I can easily come up with the money for it without having to use “bill money.”  (I want new furniture, too, but that’s a whole different kettle of fish.)

4.  Clean and organize more.  My house is always cluttered.  I don’t like to clean.  I keep the kitchen clean and I keep clothes washed–not a problem.  I cook all the blasted time. But I’m not Suzy Homemaker.  I do what I absolutely HAVE to do and get on Facebook or Twitter or look at recipes or weight loss sites.  I think it means I’m a little lazy.  I don’t want to be lazy this year.  I will need to come up with a plan.  I’m a planner.  I write things down in notebooks and on sticky notes and also on random pieces of paper.  I can’t usually find these notes, lists and other bits of randomness, but I do write it down. This year, I will formulate a plan of attack for cleaning and organizing and I will follow it (I also need a plan to keep up with my plan.  I’ll work on that.)

This is not an all-encompassing list of what I’d like to accomplish this year. But it’s a start.  Or a plan, if you will.


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