The Tea Party and Their Essential Disconnect from Reality

This is my opinion–and it’s worth what you paid for it, I suppose.

If you are  employed by an agency that receives tax dollars–school, law enforcement, publicly-funded hospital, federal and state agencies, local government, military service, etc. and you are a member of the tea party then you are a hypocrite.  And possibly ignorant.  Do you put food on your table with those tax dollars?  Pay for utilities (also likely regulated by agencies that accept tax dollars)?  If so, you are taking money that, by its very definition and existence, offends you.

If you accept funds or services from agencies that are supported by tax dollars–unemployment, public schools, federal financial aid, FEMA, 911, fire department, police, etc. and you are a member of the tea party then you are a hypocrite.  Again, the tax dollars that fund those agencies are an abomination to what your party stands for.

It always amazes me when I hear people complain about taxes and…

…they send their child to a public school.
…they accept services from the aforementioned school when their child is in need of special ed or an IEP.
…they bellow for FEMA to assist them when there is a natural disaster.
…they expect to be paid minimum wage (or more) and expect their workplaces to be safe and fair places to work.
…expect to receive unemployment when they are laid off from their jobs.
…run for office and expect to be paid.

There is a huge disconnect from reality in the current crop of conservatives who preach “no taxes.”  What magical money do these folks expect will pay for the things we take for granted every day: roads that are paved, parks and libraries to visit, clean water to drink, clean air to breathe and food that has been inspected for safety?  I don’t mind paying taxes for my share.  What makes folks feel like they aren’t responsible for their share?  Is it hubris?  Is it elitism?  Or, perhaps, they are just what my mother would have called “hard-hearted” and really have no feelings for their fellow man.

Here’s another question: do these folks really think that their conservative “saviors” give a damn about them?  Most people I know are the 99%.  The 1%–they are the only folks that the tea party candidates care about because have millions in the bank and they own businesses that gross billions of dollars.   Folks that have a few thousand, even $100,000, they don’t care about them.  It all comes down to who they consider to be important, who they value.  They don’t value the college student needing financial aid to get an education, the unemployed individual seeking UI benefits or needing re-training, the poor mother working a minimum wage job who needs WIC or Headstart for her children, or the senior citizen (who worked his or her whole life and paid TAXES) in need of Medicare or Medicaid.


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