The war on women (AKA “Take our Country Back”)

This is gonna be long.  You have been warned.

Well, I’ve pondered over this (as my dear hubby says) and have finally gotten my thoughts in order and am ready to say what needs to be said.  The Tea Party is racist.  I’ve said that before and I’ll say it again.  But I have come to the conclusion that they, and by sad association, all Republicans have become misogynist as well.

Case in point:  These days, there is a flurry of “anti-abortion” rhetoric floating around.  But when you get it down to where the cheese binds, it’s all about removal of choice.  The choice of a woman in America to end a pregnancy safely.  Liberals are not “pro-abortion” we are PRO-CHOICE.  We are not a bunch of godless, liberal baby-killers (anyone remember during the Kerry-Bush election that folks were saying that Kerry was  a “baby-killer?”  A co-worker had a daughter in primary school who came home in tears because she had been told-by her teacher-that if Kerry got elected he would kill babies.) As a liberal and a woman I simply want the choice of abortion to be available–in a safe, clean, medical environment–should it be needed.

Oh, they’ll squawk that they just don’t want abortions paid for with tax dollars.  If that’s the case, why does the new proposed legislation provide for penalties or fees if private insurance even offers abortion coverage?  If that’s the case, why is it that the new regulations that would be imposed under proposed legislation require that a woman who receives an abortion must prove to the IRS that she was raped or the victim of incest if she chooses to terminate a pregnancy? Why, in some states (Georgia included) would a woman who suffered a miscarriage have to prove that she actually did lose a child and that she didn’t have an abortion?  All ways to end the right to an abortion. It’s a war on women–their rights and their bodies.

Case in point:  Republican House Representative Kathleen Passidomo used the gang-rape of an 11 year-old girl as a case for school uniforms by reportedly saying “There was an article about an 11 year old girl who was gangraped in Texas by 18 young men because she was dressed like a prostitute. And her parents let her attend school like that. And I think it’s incumbent upon us to create some areas where students can be safe in school And show up in proper attire so what happened in Texas doesn’t happen to our students.”  Take a minute to digest that (if you can;  it made me want to hurl the first time I read it and it doesn’t get any better with age).  She, in effect, blames an ELEVEN YEAR-OLD child with being raped because of the way she was dressed!  Even if the child was naked, an 11 year-old can’t consent to sex and it sickens me that this drivel is still being spouted in this so-called enlightened age.  It’s just another example of how out-of-touch Republicans are with the majority of the American people…and another example of misogyny.  Blame the woman.

Case in point:  Conservatives want to cut the very programs that help women and children receive proper nutrition.  WIC provides food for pregnant women and children.  It’s not a lot of food, either.  Take it from someone who knows–I was on WIC until the daughter was 5 (the cutoff age). What it basically provides in a gallon of milk a week, beans, cereal, peanut butter and nowadays some fresh vegetables and bread.  It provides  some (not all, believe me) formula during the bottle years. Not a lot of money per person when you break it down.  But it is worth gold when you are a young, broke mother who needs formula or milk. A cut to WIC undermines the ability of kids to receive the nutrition they need to grow up healthy and have the chance to be successful. But, to hell with them.  They are just women and children after all.  Not men, who we all know are the really important citizens.

That, folks, leads me to the conclusion that they must hate women.  Why else are so many cuts aimed at programs that help women?  Why do so many of their new bills affect only a woman’s rights? Misogyny.  Look it up.

The Tea Party is the squeaky wheel that’s getting the grease right now.  Republicans, even more moderate ones, are caving to the will of a small group of racist, misogynistic bullies. America doesn’t need “taking back” it needs to grow a set.  Fight for women and children.  Fight for jobs.  Fight for the rights of ALL the people.


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