What would Jesus do?

I read an article this weekend that struck a chord with me.  Why Evangelicals Hate Jesus.  This article ponders something that I have pondered myself. 

I have long thought that the ideals that Jesus represents (in my mind at least) are not in line with what most fundamental Christians believe.  Jesus loved everyone.  I daresay that today’s “moral majority” cannot make that claim.  From where I sit, it looks like they only love middle to upper class Americans (who don’t want to pay taxes), who go to church (not Buddhists or Muslims, though) and vote for the right party (duh, that’s obvious).

I believe that how you treat people who are less fortunate than you is a testimony to the kind of person you are.  If you have no compassion for a single mother on food stamps or a rape victim who considers abortion then I think you are the one that is hellbound.  That’s a sweeping statement, but it is what that still, small voice in my heart tells me–that’s the  voice that I have always thought to be God’s voice telling me what is right and wrong.

If you refuse to help someone, you are selfish.  If you look down on someone, you are arrogant.  If you dislike someone based upon how they live their life or on their appearance, you are judgmental.  I personally do no think those are “Christian” values.   There is a Christmas song where the Lord comes to visit a man in three guises.  The man, disappointed that none of his visitors are He whom he so wanted to see, helps each one of them, freely and out of the goodness of his heart.  Surprise.  It was the Lord every time.  Can you say with certainty that the poor woman at DFCS trying to get some food stamps in not Jesus?  I don’t think you can.  If you live your life based upon so-called Christian values, then you would have compassion for folks less fortunate than yourself.  WWJD?


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