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Well, I may not have a job after March 4 due to the damn Republicans and their steadfast unwillingness to compromise on anything. Cut out job training programs? Gut NPR? Screw the EPA?  Get rid of the ability to collectively bargin (thereby ending very effective Democratic sponsorship)?  Check, check, check and check-edy check. WTF is wrong with these people that they don’t care about normal (read: not rich) folks?  And what the hell is with their sense of entitlement?

Now, with the talk of Georgia students losing a chunk of their HOPE and also looming Pell cuts on the horizons (if those aforementioned Republicans get their way) I’m hearing a lot of young, college-aged people complaining about Governor Deal.  Great!  He’s a jerk-off for sure.  But let’s lay the blame where it  is rightfully due: George Dubya Bush and his cronies screwed this country up during their reign.  Add to that the damage done by Sonny Perdue while he played Governor and it was the perfect storm to leave Georgia in quite a dire predicament.   I hope these young, impressionable minds remember this in the next election.

It may be hard to believe, but I don’t rant about politics all the time.  <evil grin> I also obsess about my weight.  I cook.  I’m (not so secretly) in love with Matthew Gray Gubler.  I read gobs of fanfiction. I watch Criminal Minds and NCIS religiously (like, everyday).  Oh, as a matter of fact, I have to go now.  A new Criminal Minds is on (screw the spin-off and CBS though…they got rid of AJ Cook and ran off Padget Brewster).


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