Partisanship (and other things that chap my butt)

Here’s what I’m tired of (I know, you didn’t ask, but you’re in my house now).  I’m tired of the right wing spouting rhetoric about how partisan democrats are.   President Obama and democrats have made numerous attempts to “reach across the aisle” while party line republicans have continued to sit on their collective butts, cross their arms over their chests, stick their lips out and shake their heads.

I’m sick of hearing about the national debt.  Does anybody realize that there was a huge debt when President Obama took office?  Does anyone fathom that the bailouts given to the banks (not under the current administration) added to that debt, as well as the very necessary bailout of the automotive industry?

Yes, the stimulus plan added to the debt.  That’s common sense.  That stimulus plan, however, put people to work or kept them working (me included).  Those extended UI benefits were necessary to save the already weakened economy from teetering over the edge into oblivion.  Each dollar of unemployment benefits translates to roughly $1.60 revenue going back into the economy.  To stop benefits for millions would cripple local economies–no money for groceries, gas, medical treatment or discretionary spending (clothes, eating out, etc.) means local companies have to lay off employees or close.  Restaurants sink into oblivion.  Movie theaters close.  This is common sense, folks.

The time is now for republicans to stop stone-walling and following those same party lines.  You know, those party lines that always get trotted out during election time:  No abortion! No same-sex marriage!  Get rid of those illegal aliens!  Work together people.  Grow the economy.  Make insurance for all Americans a right. End racism. End hate crimes.  Give women the choice to do with their bodies as they please.


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